Baby Didn’t Engage

Xana shares the birth story of her daughter

I went in on Friday night to be induced due to reduced fetal movements.

They put the first lot of gel in at 8pm and nothing happened. Then the next lot at 3am and I started having contractions straight away.

By 8am Saturday, the contractions were already lasting for a minute and were only two minutes apart. I was dying. They did an internal exam at 9am and I was 3cm dilated so they broke my waters and I started on the gas. Then they wheeled me down to a birthing room.

By 10:30am, I had had enough and realised that I couldn’t carry on with these contractions for any longer and asked for an epidural. Then once that kicked in life was good again.

Because of the epidural they had to constantly monitor me and baby and put a clip on her head to monitor her heart rate.

They did another internal exam at 1pm and I was only 4cm dilated. So we carried on as we were.

Eventually I went to roll over to try and get a sleep in (I was feeling no pain which was good) but baby’s heart rate skyrocketed. So we tried a few different positions, but it wouldn’t come back down.

Then the charge midwife got called in, who eventually called in the obstetrician. She did another internal exam and my cervix and baby’s head were swollen. They also noticed blood in my urine at this point, and baby’s heart rate was still super high (over 200bpm)

They called an emergency and people flooded in and I was rushed off to theatre for an emergency c-section as they said she needed to be out within 30 mins. It all happened very quickly after the obstetrician came to check.

So what had happened was Baby was actually just too big to fit through my pelvis apparently, and never actually got her head engaged. she got super stressed trying to make herself fit and the contractions I were having were trying to push her down.

She was 3.8kgs and 49cm.

Not your typical birth story, but still a birth story. We were glad we got there in the end and everyone was fine and healthy.