Am I really in Labour?

Amy shares the story of her son Khai’s birth.


My son Khai was born on March 17 – right on his due date the clever little man.

I dropped my partner at work at 7.30am and on the way home started getting contractions. I didn’t know what they were, just thought it was another annoying pain so googled what to look for & signs of labour.  And I rang a friend who has had 4 babies, after trying unsuccessfully to have a rest.

By 10am I was on hands and knees and contractions were happening every 10 minutes or so. I rang my partner and said not to worry and that if he could get dropped home at lunch time (1pm) he’d get here in time. Lucky he got home at 11am to find me on the floor with my swiss ball, unable to get up and contractions were around 5 minutes apart.

He loaded up the car and kept telling me we should get to Birthcare but I still wasn’t convinced I was really in labour (even though the pain was terrible) and didn’t want to get there and have them tell me I was only 3cm. The drive there (around 20 mins) was definitely the worst of my life and I was on all fours in the back seat – not a nice view for someone driving past (I did have clothes on though!).

I felt the urge to start pushing in the car but got to Birthcare just in time to get in the pool and start pushing.

An hour and a half later at 1.45pm Khai was born.

A good friend came and supported us during it and she gave me rescue remedy, cold flannels and juice every 5 minutes which was awesome.

The midwives said it was the best first birth they have ever had as I didn’t scream or cry and was very calm and in control and didn’t have any pain relief.

I needed 3 stitches which was one of the not so nice moments of my life.

Khai is now 5 months old and has been a reasonably good baby and is so gorgeous.

The next time around I imagine would be worse as I know what to expect and if it’s quicker than my 6 hour labour this time I don’t imagine I’ll be getting away with no stitches!