3 Hour Natural Labour

Sarah shares her son’s birth story


I had no idea that we were going to have our baby on this day, but at 5pm Thursday 3rd Dec, when vacuuming up the mess that the electrician had made installing bathroom lights and fan, i stood up and my waters broke!!

Had no pains or nothing and baby was not due until the 8th Dec.

Called midwife and fiance and Mum to say that they had broken but had no contractions or nothing, so continued with bringing in the washing, cooking tea, cleaning and checking the bags for the car again.

Fiance came home, we had tea and then about 6pm starting having contractions, all it was to me was a pain and the need to go to the toilet, which as it turns out was only once, not as much as it felt like needing to go.

We called midwife again to say quite sore pains but not able to time as they were coming and going all the time. She told us to wait (she was currently out in the country at the time).

When the pain was extremely bad, fiance wanted to leave for hospital, spoke to midwife who then wanted to talk to me, as i couldn’t she told us to head into Christchurch Women’s Hospital. 45mins still driving to hospital, contractions less than 1min apart, we arrived, were rushed up to the birthing until, hospital midwife was trying to get a heart beat, when i said almost straight away that i needed to push baby out.

She thought that we had lots of time and turned on the gas (which fiance said was not working), i emphasized that i needed to push again, so she got me onto the bed and had a look and was shocked and said that i was 10 + 1 cm dilated.

Thank goodness my midwife then walked in, as we were starting to push.

After an hour off pushing, with no drugs, my son Liam was born (we did not know what we were having) at 9:05pm weighing 7pound 11oz.

He decided to come out Posterior with his head up. He was clean, not a lot of blood on him.

The midwife was amazed that i pushed him out, with the way that he was, but i knew no different.

Had the midwife seen earlier, they may of been able to tell that he was lying the wrong way up.

After a natural birth with the 2 midwifes and my partner, we then got to have lots of hospital staff come in, as i had 3rd degree tearing and needed to have stitches, but it was looking worse than expected so was sent through to have a spinal, numbed from the shoulders down (all while my partner was left holding a new born on his own, when he has never held a baby before).

All in all it was a 3 hour labour, most of it was ok, was supposed  to call my mum back to tell her what was happening so she could get to the hospital, but with all the rushing we never got the chance. When we have our second child we have to go to a base hospital where they will decide whether  or not to do a cut, or wait and see how the labour goes.