Tina’s Miracle Baby after 3 Losses

Tina shares the story the birth of her baby girl – her miracle baby after three losses

I was 25 years old, my partner and I were trying for our first baby.  We finally conceived, but in March we lost our first baby.

I turned 26 the following month, we got pregnant again and in June we lost twins.

September of the same year, September 8th to be exact we found out we were pregnant with our third pregnancy that year.   To say I was terrified is an understatement. I cried, didn’t want to be pregnant again because I didn’t want to go through another loss.

Pretty soon we were 12 weeks and while we were still cautious we were feeling optimistic that this was finally going to work out!!  Pregnancy was hard, I hated being treated like there was something wrong with me by work colleagues and my boss. I was pregnant not invalid.

On May 11th, at around 2am I woke up and I just had this urge to poo. It was constant.

My partner went to work, but I said to him I had an appointment with our midwife at 11am and I needed him to drive me, so he went and sorted out his job site and apprentices (he’s a builder) and came home to drive me to our appointment.

I was 1cm, my midwife said if she was a betting woman we would be having a baby sometime in the next 24 hours. We went home, I had something to eat, had an hour nap on the couch until I couldn’t nap anymore or be comfortable.

We met the midwife back at the birthing unit at 5:25pm.

My heart sank when she said oh babe you’re only 2cm. Due to us living rural and being the only ones there, she decided to let me stay and see how it progressed.

I hated being touched.  I hated the swiss ball. I needed to lean back. I spent the next hour sitting on the toilet, my partner putting cold flannels on my neck and face. It was so intense I asked for the gas, which immediately made me vomit. I was losing it so bad, my midwife had to give me some stern words. She said “if you don’t sort your shit out you’re being transferred.”

I was given something to stop the vomiting, and once I got the knack of how to  use the gas it really helped. I was moved to the bed to my midwife could check how far along I was, I had got to 5cm.

I really wanted to try for a water birth, but by the time I was allowed to move, I was stuck, I couldn’t move off that bed. I started to get “grunty” instead of screaming, and my midwife said you cant push yet. I promise at 7:30 you can push.

So I looked at the clock, it was 10 minutes away. That was the slowest yet at the same time fastest 10 minutes of my life.

7:30 arrived and I was learning how to use my muscles to push.

9 minutes later, our beautiful baby girl was here. I will never forget that the song playing when she finally emerged was “I put a spell on you” sung by Annie Lennox.

We went from 2-10cm in 2 hours!!!! No wonder it was intense!!!!

Our little girl will be 2 years old on may 11th this year.


I still to this day am in awe of our little girl. We created her. We created her little life and are so incredibly in love with her.