HOTmilk Online

We love having HOTmilk Lingerie available on our website.

We have been with the HOTmilk brand since 2005, and are very loyal and passionate about their product.

How could we sell something we didn’t believe in?  – well we don’t.

That’s why HOTmilk is our main lingerie that we carry.  We love the styling, fashion, and fit – but most importantly the function.  A maternity bra is quite an investment, and it will be the absolutely most used thing that you purchase with your new baby.  So get it right, and go with HOTmilk!!

HOTmilk lingerie has made a positive impact on the lives of women around the world that are wearing it – celebrating their pregnant shape and celebrating breastfeeding!

HOTmilk Lingerie

Use our Size Finders at our web store to find all HOTmilk nursing bras in your size 8A to 20H


We do frequently get asked for information and advice about maternity bras, so we can help you with that!

And “yes!” it is totally possible to give advice via email, just describe what is worrying you and we’ll read it and try and help.   You might need to get out a tape measure.

Some of the information below will be useful to you, plus there’s also a little history about the HOTmilk brand that we are proud to share.

The following links are our articles about the HOTmilk brand of pregnancy and maternity underwear.

If you do have a specific question, contact us .   It might turn out that heaps of other women have the same question too!