When to Get a Maternity Bra

When to Fit for a Maternity Bra

When you first notice an increase in the size of your bust which is generally around 3-4 months, we strongly recommend you assess your bra size.  At this time the majority of women feel like their breasts are fuller, although many will not actually go up a cup size.

Depending on the development of your bust size you should check again at approximately 7 months, however if you feel your bra is restrictive in any way, you need to have your fitting checked straight away.

When making your purchase it is important to look for a maternity bra that provides excellent support and flexibility to allow for breast size fluctuation. An easy way to check this is to slide your hand into the upper cup section to assess if there is enough room for expansion.

For the majority of women, the thing that changes the most is the band size as their ribs expand.  The HOTmilk bras that we stock have 6 rows of hooks around the back to allow for changes in your body size.

checking the fit of your bra