The Importance of Maternity Bras

HOTmilk Lingerie is specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Pregnancy and being a new mother are challenging times in a
woman’s life and wearing plain lingerie certainly doesn’t do anything to lift her spirits. This is a time when, more than ever before, she needs to feel special.

HOTmilk’s philosophy is to empower women, to remind them that they are beautiful and SEXY! HOTmilk helps pregnant women and new mothers regain their femininity and sensuality – it gives them confidence in themselves which in turn benefits those around them.

First time mums-to-be may not know the benefits of a HOTmilk maternity and nursing bra. Below are some of the key benefits of our maternity and nursing lingerie:

Traditional underwire bras can place pressure on milk ducts and restrict milk flow potentially leading to plugged milk ducts.

  • All of our HOTmilk bras are underwire-free.
  • They are made with power-fabric and wider cotton-lined straps for extra support and comfort.

Traditional bras do not provide room for the diaphragm to growuring pregnancy.

  • HOTmilk bras have six rows of hook and eyes.
  • This allows room for the diaphragm to expand during the months of pregnancy and the ability to tighten after the baby is born and the diaphragm settles.

Seams and stitching across the nipple area, or unlined bras,can cause irritation on already sensitive and tender breasts.

  • All of our HOTmilk bras have either concealed seams, or seams that are away from the nipple area, to avoid any aggravation.
  • All HOTmilk bras have soft cotton lining for comfort and support.

Maternity and breast-feeding lingerie does not have to be ugly, boring and un-sexy.   HOTmilk specialises in sexy, feminine maternity lingerie made from exquisite fabrics and laces.

Our bras and tops are beautiful and practical with no-fuss onehanded maternity clips for quick and easy breast-feeding.

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