Why wear a Maternity Bra?

It is important to wear a maternity bra during pregnancy, to ensure correct development of milk ducts and glands. Underwire bras can impede this. Plus pregnant mothers may find that they are more comfortable anyway, rather than wearing underwire bras, as their rib cage is expanding and belly swells during pregnancy, standard bras can get uncomfortable. So many woman purchase a maternity bra to wear throughout their pregnancy.

For nursing, the best time to have a maternity breastfeeding bra fitted is around 36 to 38 weeks. We have online bra size calculators that show you how to measure yourself and work out your bra size. Different brands of bras have different sizings, so use the guide suggested.

Bras purchased during the last weeks of pregnancy should have enough room both in the cup and around the ribcage to allow for slightly larger breasts when the milk flow comes in. Though the amount of “breast size increase” does vary between women, we can’t just make a general suggestion to go up X cup sizes. A bra that is too tight, either around the ribs or in the cup, can cause a plugged milk duct or breast infection.

Breastfeeding bras have a drop down clip, which you can open with one hand (while holding the baby with the other hand). You will also need to purchase washable breast pads or disposable nursing pads which fit inside your bra and absorb the milk that may leak from the nipples between feedings.

We have a large variety of pregnancy lingerie available on our specialty breastfeeding site. Our most popular range is HOTmilk Lingerie which have different bra styles each season and are limited edition. These bras are available in sizes 8A to 20H which provides great selection for fuller cup sizes and they really are stunning plus size full figure nursing bras.

When you are breast feeding, most women will need to wear breast pads 24 hours a day, so you will also need to wear a sleeping bra.