Plus Size Maternity Bras

We have quite a selection of larger size maternity bras available at our Breastmates website, with the HOTmilk brand.  Alot of people don’t realise that “YES” the full figure sizes are catered for in nursing bra series.  All bras above a D cup have wider shoulder straps, wider back bands, full cup, A frame support and reinforcement in the cup.  They are specifically designed for larger bust sizes.  Plus they still look gorgeous too.

Most other brands of lingerie only cater for sizes up to 16F – so the good news is that HOTmilk now caters up to 20H (including F, FF, G, GG, H cups).

We also have an online sizing guide so you know how to measure your bra size at home.

Our standard stock caters for all body sizes from 8A to 20H  (42H US )