Cambridge HQ

We run this Breastmates business through a studio & mini-warehouse setup, located in Cambridge.   Our daily priority is to process the online orders and get parcels onto the Courier – for delivery all over NZ and the world.

If you are considering buying online – remember we have a no-fuss exchange policy so you are welcome to buy online, try garments on at home, and return whichever you don’t like.

Though if you are near to Cambridge, you are welcome to come and visit!  It’s always nice to meet people!

We can make a special appointment if you would like to visit our studio.  Please just contact us to make an appointment and get our address details

We also recommend that you have a good browse around the website first, to make a list before you come.  As everything here is shelved rather than being on display like a shop.  We can do a measure and we have a fitting room with mirror etc ready for you.

[email protected]

Phone 07 823 1412