Birth Stories

When you’re pregnant and have never experienced labour, or you’re facing a different kind of labour from the first time around, or you just want to know more about what different kinds of labour are like, reading birth stories can help demystify birth and give you ideas about the kind of birth you’d like. Whether you’re planning a home birth or hospital birth, a natural labour or C-section, a hypnobirth or water birth, or you want to know more about assisted labour, birth interventions, or just need to know what your birth options are, we’ve got a story to tell you! Wonderful mums have shared their birth stories for you to read and learn from. In their own words, these birth stories from real mums will touch your heart.

Lilly’s birth Story

Donna wanted to share her birth/breastfeeding journey so far in the hope it may inspire

What happens to my perineum during labour?

Caution: Taboo topic ahead! Chances are you’ve heard furtive whispers about things that can happen

Vasa Previa

Kirstie share's her experience of Vasa Previa

Linda’s induction – csection – natural birth

Linda shares her birth story, she booked for an induction due to baby measuring small

Ashley’s 2.5 hour Labour

Ashley is so proud of her birth experience - what a legend

Rachael had a great midwife team

Rachael had a great midwife team

A quick water birth delivery

Ainsley shares the birth story of her daughter I had heaps of Braxton Hicks throughout

A Hot Curry then Labour

Ainsley had a hot curry and spicy pizza the day before which seemed to bring

Long Labor

Grace share's her birth story. 3 days and nights of long labouring

Trust My Body to do what it needs

Mum shares her story of labour at home and then having a water birth