Breech Baby and 2 hour labour

Kelly shares the birth story of her son


I had been growing impatient for the arrival of our first baby, not that he was overdue, just that I couldn’t wait to meet him. It was a Thursday night and I was busy… eating ice-cream on the couch and answering the many emails asking if I had given birth yet! At around 11pm I thought I best get myself off to bed and I cuddled up next to my lovely husband.

I couldn’t sleep and lay there for just about an hour, then (about midnight) i felt what I thought might be my waters breaking. I jumped out of bed all excited and woke up my husband, he reminded me it could be a while yet and to try to get some rest.

About 5 minutes passed and I felt my first contraction. It was similar to my Braxton Hicks contractions and I breathed through it pretty easily. Then another 5 minutes and another contraction, this time much stronger. I remember saying, “well if this is just a small contraction I’m not sure I can do it!”

My husband grabbed his watch and timed the next contraction. The rest is a bit of a blur really. I remember being in the lounge room and being freezing cold next to the heater leaning over my swiss ball as the contractions began to come one on top of another.

My husband telephoned our awesome midwife Wendy at around 1pm, she was at River Ridge Birth Center already and was delivering another baby. At this stage I was still able to talk during my contractions.

Another 5 minutes went past and I felt very ill and ended up seeing my ice-cream again from earlier that evening! Things were feeling much different now, but I was thinking, this is too fast! It can’t be happening this quickly?

My husband told me we were going to leave for River Ridge now and threw our pre-packed bags in the car. He helped me in and for some reason I insisted on sitting in the front seat and wear my seat-belt. We flew out of the driveway and managed to arrive at River Ridge in record time (great driving on my husbands behalf) despite being stopped for road-works on the way!

I remember hearing someone yelling in the car, i think it must have been me! I am told I said what most women say when transitoning “I can’t do it!”. I was hanging on to the car door handle and lifting myself up out of the seat. I was desperately trying not to push but my body took over and during the car trip (8 minutes) I had pushed twice already.

As we drove into River Ridge driveway I distinctly remember the judder bars and feeling as though my baby was part-way out! The midwives met us a the door with a wheelchair and I told them the baby was coming out now. They smiled at me and reassured me and wheeled me quickly into a delivery room.

My husband helped me to undress and I heard him say to the midwife “I can see a foot”. Immediately the room seemed full of people and I was asked to stand up. I held on to my husband and I am pretty sure I bit his arm! Our baby boy had decided he was coming out now and was going to be a footling breech baby.

In my mind I felt very calm and as though I was watching all this unfold rather than being the one giving birth. I think I pushed twice and with the help of two fantastic midwives he rushed out.

It is a bit of a blur up until I was handed my little boy then time stood still. The feeling is indescribable, love and protection. Then the little monkey decided to wee on me!

I was lucky, he was healthy and so was I. He was born at 1:50 am, 7 minutes after arriving at River Ridge and 1 hour 50 minute labour. I didn’t need any stitches and had no time for pain relief and I am amazed at what the body can do. My husband had to fill in most of the details for me as I couldn’t remember what had happened for a while. It took a few weeks for me to remember myself the details of that night.

He is now 3.5 months old, happy and healthy and has a big personality. I can’t wait to add to our family, but perhaps I will have a back-up plan in case I need to deliver at home next time!

~~ Welcome Baby~~