The most natural way to feed your new baby is breastfeeding, but where do you begin? Learning to breastfeed comes naturally to some mums, but others need a bit of help – and that’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled the most practical, useful information about breastfeeding, including help increasing milk supply, what to do about mastitis, nipple care and engorgement, and general help with establishing breastfeeding.

The Ultimate Leakproof Nursing Bra

  🎉 Introducing “Embrace” Leakproof Nursing Bra! by Hotmilk🎉 Hey there, fellow supermums and mamas-to-be!

Medela Nipple Shield Sizing Chart

Here is my trusted "at-home-measuring-technique" to calculate your nipple size

Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette Nursing Cups - highly recommended

What are Elastic Nipples?

Do I have Elastic Nipples?

Increasing Pump Output

Does it feel like your milk supply drops off in the evening?

Extreme Painful Breastfeeding Could be Raynauds

Extreme Painful Breastfeeding Could be Raynauds - shared experiences from other mums

Cookie Dough Bites

Fudgey, moreish, and so easy to make and keep in the fridge for later! 

Milk Maker Breastfeeding Support

Milk Maker - breastfeeding support capsules by Two Islands

How to know if you have Raynauds

Many women have undiagnosed Raynauds and just think it’s painful breastfeeding. When did you find

How to reduce a Fast Milk Flow

Mums share their advice for dealing with fast milk flow that baby struggles with....