Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette is one of the most requested items we’ve ever experienced!   So glad to get the Silverette Nursing Cups in stock at Breastmates

What are they?

Silverette are mini nursing cups that are worn over the nipples, helping to prevent, protect and alleviate painful, damaged nipples from breastfeeding.  They also stop irritation that you might feel with a breast pad or clothing touching your sore and delicate nipple.    Made of 925 sterling silver, these nursing cups utilize the natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of silver, providing a healing environment for breastfeeding nipples. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly and so easy to use!  And they’ll last forever, so you can use for your future babies too.     Just wear them inbetween feeds – take them off at feeding time, and also at least once per day allow air to circulate nipples.

How to Use?

Pop them onto your nipple, and leave them on until its time to breastfeed baby.   You might also want to wear a breast pad and a bra to hold everything in place.   Then remove the Silverette before feeding baby again. Repeat.

What size do I buy?

if you are bra size A B or C cup – shop for size Regular.   If you wear a bra great then a C cup, then shop for size XL.  You can purchase at Breastmates > Silverette Nursing Cups

Do I wear breast pads?

Yes if you leak, you can wear a breast pad on top of the silverettes

Do I wear them at Night?

Yes, wear them night and day, in between nursing sessions, until the pain/damage has resolved. If you are using them as a preventative measure, wear the cups consistently for the first 2 – 3 weeks, then as needed thereafter.

Allow Air to Circulate Daily

It’s recommended to take a break from wearing Silverette breastfeeding cups each day (or as needed) and letting your nipples air dry, especially if you leak a lot, to prevent excessive moisture exposure. A moist environment is conducive to healing and helps prevents cracks/tears/cuts, however, excess moisture exposure can irritate the nipples and surrounding skin

Where are they made?

Handcrafted in Italy by licensed silversmiths for many years, they have a patented anatomical shape that has been tested to fit any size nipple without compressing it. The rounded shape of Silverette nursing cups allows air to circulate, while the edges have been folded by hand to avoid any discomfort.

Who recommends them?

Silverette breastfeeding cups are endorsed by midwives, lactation consultants and obstetricians around the world. And, just as importantly, have been tried, tested and loved by breastfeeding mothers all over the world.

When to Seek Help

While some irritation and discomfort from breastfeeding can be expected, especially as a first time mother, significant nipple damage should be investigated further. We recommend seeking the professional help of a Lactation Consultant to ensure the latch and positioning are correct and to ensure that there is no undiagnosed lip and/or tongue tie. If you seek professional advice, Silverette nursing cups will help to heal any existing damage while the underlying cause is being determined.

Silverette Nursing Cups

Where to Buy?

Breastmates is a New Zealand stockist and you can shop here