Breastfeeding Help

Help and support with common questions and concerns about breastfeeding. Establishing breastfeeding can be challenging but is ultimately rewarding for both mother and baby.

Here is expert advice on breastfeeding and answers to your common questions and concerns about breastfeeding your baby.

If you have any breastfeeding questions that aren’t answered here, please email us for free, supportive advice and help.

Department of Labour Code for BF at Work

Breastfeeding in the Work Place - Code of Employment Practise from the Department of Labour

Doctor to Fix Tongue Tie

Doctor to perform Tongue Tie snip for young baby

Dr Seuss Breastfeeding Rhyme

Dr Seuss style rhyme Nursing Mums. Love it!

Dropping the Last Feed

Stopping breastfeeding and dropping the number of feeds, how to stop? A mother

Feeding Baby with a Cold

Feeding baby with a cold, how to continue feeding your baby when they have a

Feeding from One Side Only

Breastfeeding from one breast only is more common than you might think. Lots of

Heavy Leakage

A lot of breast milk leakage when breastfeeding? What is the best breast pad

How Do I Know When Breasts Are Empty?

When breastfeeding, make sure your breast is empty before offering baby the other. We

How Long Does Breastfeeding Take?

The amount of time to do breastfeeds. How to tell if baby is getting

How Much Milk Does Baby Drink?

How much milk is baby drinking when breastfeeding. How to tell if baby is getting