How to Clean Breast Pump Tubing

Medela Breast Pump – Tubing Care

These instructions are provided on a precautionary basis, and this procedure does not need to be done very often.

Applicable for the following Medela Breast Pumps

Inspect the tubing after each pumping session for condensation and/or milk.

If condensation appears in the tubing:  let the pump run after you have completed expressing, with the tubing attached for another 1-2 minutes or until dry.

If Milk gets Into Tubing: turn off the pump and unplug from power source.  Remove and clean the tubing according to the instructions “Prior to First Use and then Once Daily”   Shake water droplets out and hang to air-dry.  For faster drying, attach the tubing to the pump and run for 1-2 minutes or until dry.

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