I’m Getting a Sore Areola When Pumping

Question from a recent customer:

I purchased a Medela swing pump and seem to be getting damage around my areola when pumping, it looks like a blood blister almost and will occasionally bled. The pumping itself is very comfortable but there is damage when removing the pump.  Can you help?

Yes this defintely should not be happening.  You shouldn’t have any damage or discomfort to your nipple or areola area around your nipple.

If more than 3mm of aerola tissue is moving in and out of the tunnel at the same time as your nipple when the pump is running – then it sounds like you need to get a SMALLER size funnel.

The funnel that comes with the new set of breastpump would be a 24mm size, so we recommend that you get a size 21mm Breastshield.