Swing Pump: Milk Doesn’t Drip Into Bottle

Question about Medela Swing Breast Pump:

Query received: “We’ve noticed milk back-flowing down the tube and not into the bottle.   Milk seems to collect around the valve and doesn’t drip into the bottle properly.  Once it gets a vacuum with my breast there seems to be a pressure build up and the milk flows down the tube only (towards the pump), it is only when I stop the pump and release the vacuum from my breast that the milk suddenly flows from the tube back into the bottle. The initial suck is painful for me when it wasn’t before, and the unit is ineffective if it does not pump directly into the bottle.”

Technical Suggestion:  You need to make sure the Valve & Membrane are positioned so the membrane is facing to the side. Not to the front or back.

There maybe a blockage with the Elbow Connector so we suggest that you replace that part also.