Avent Comfort Double Pump compared to Medela Freestyle Pump

What is the Difference Between Avent Comfort Double Pump and the Medela Freestyle Pump?

We know that it can be tricky to decide which pump to go for and which will suit your needs.

The Avent Comfort Double Pump and the Medela Freestyle are both very good pumps, high grade that are suitable for heavy usage and expressing all of baby’s feeds.  The advantage is the time saving that you gain by pumping both breasts at the same time.  Studies have also shown that when both breasts are pumped at the same time it results in more milk obtained rather than doing one at a time.

So the difference between Avent and Medela – it mainly comes down to the level settings.

The Avent Comfort Double Pump just has 3 suction levels; high medium low.  Whereas the Medela Freestyle has variable control so that you can set the suction to suit yourself (using a +/- button) and therefore efficiency to a level that suits your own needs and comfort.

The Freestyle also has a unique start-up stimulation mode which helps to get your milk flowing quicker, and then you simply push a button and it goes into a longer slower rhythm to express the milk.  (The Avent one doesn’t do this).

The Avent Comfort Double Pump is quite large, and you’d need to place it on a table next to you.  Whereas the Medela Freestyle is very compact and can fit in your hand.  The Freestyle also has a few extra ‘bells & whistles’ such as light, digital screen, stat recordings etc.

If you have any more questions please sing out, I know this gets quite confusing.