Baby Comforters

Introducing Gobstopperz Baby Comforters

Gobstopperz Dummy Holders
Gobstopperz Baby Comforters

Maybe you know of a little person that would like to snuggle up with one of these gorgeous baby comforters / dummy holders.  Colourful, bright, and useful!   Also makes a great gift!

You can clip on a dummy, (or other teether) and the fabric makes it easy for baby to locate their own dummy in the middle of the night.  Gotta encourage any self-settling!!  It has a snap so that you can attach it to a buggy etc and stop it being dropped.  And you can also wrap it up and snap it shut like a little parcel, so stop the dummy getting dirty elsewhere.

I really like the tactile feel of them, they’re soft with a little cuddle toy shape, and have milky fleece and taggie bits – which I know babies always love to stroke.  So settling and relaxing.

When its time to say goodbye to a dummy, your toddler will still have their familiar comforter to sleep with.

We have a few colour choices available here: Shop Link