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Made4Baby Skincare
Made4Baby Skincare

We love having the Made4Baby Skincare Range available at Breastmates, I really recommend these products and have used them on my own babies who had sensitive skin and were prone to eczema.  (Actually my kids are at primary school and we still use the shampoo!)

The Made4Baby Skincare range has a great baby massage oil, lotion, nappy barrier cream, bubble bath and shampoo.   And a new baby sunscreen with SPF50 has just been developed in 2017 – which I’m going to use on my own adult face!

Made4Baby Skincare uses natural ingredients, safe to use from birth.  The Fragrance Free range is the only baby skin care brand in Australasia to be approved by the Sensitive Choice Program run by the Asthma Foundation, suitable for children with sensitive skin and allergies like eczema.

With all of the Made4Baby Skincare there are:

*No harsh detergents (which create lather)

*No petrochemicals (baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil)

*No artificial fragrances (parfum can have hundreds of ingredients)

*No parabens (a controversial preservative which we have not included)