How To Use Silicone Breast Pump

How to Use Silicone Breast Pump

Silicone Breast Pump
Silicone Breast Pump

We’ve worked alongside one of our amazing customers, who was brave and confident enough to let us film these intimate videos while she was using the Silicone Breast Pump.    We wanted to show you how simple this breast pump is to use, and that it really just works on the suction principle.

You can see in the first video, the mother squeezes the sides of the pump then places it over her breast with her nipple towards the centre.   Then she releases the pressure that she is holding on the sides – and that is when the suction is applied and her nipple is extended further into the pump.

In this video, the mother was still holding the pump, and supporting her breast, and she’d also expressed milk into the bottle.  She was a 12E cup size and had a newborn baby.   In hindsight, we should have also filmed with her using the pump hands-free, because there was enough suction applied to the breast.

This Silicone Breast Pump also works very well to collect milk from one breast, while you are feeding your baby at the other side.   It collects the milk-letdown which would otherwise be wasted and going into a breast pump.    For this type of use, you just squeeze the bottle and then apply over breast, you’ll feel the suction pull your nipple down.    Then the pump will stay in place while you are feeding baby – you won’t need to keep squeezing  the sides – the letdown will flow.

 In the first video, we showed you simple method of using suction to apply the Silicone Breast Pump.   Sometimes you will need to reposition the pump on your breast, until you feel the suction apply.  It might take a couple of times to get the pump in the right place, where you can feel the suction.

An alternative method to apply the Silicone Breast Pump, is what we call the Flip Method.   As shown in the video below…..    You just flip the edges of the breast pump inside out.    Then apply the breast pump to your breast, and flip the edges back over.    You can see the mother do this in the video below.    She felt a greater suction when she did this, and you can see her nipple extend into the breast pump.