Project Uplift – Donate Your Old Bras

Project Uplift

September 2022

Will you help by Donating your Old Bras?

I’m delighted to be involved in a new bra collection campaign – this time with Project Uplift who collect and distribute secondhand bras to women in the Pacific Islands.    This feels like a really good fit (excuse the pun) with my business Breastmates, as I have built up an amazing community of women around New Zealand who would most likely have a couple of old bras in the back of their drawer that they nolonger fit.  If we team together we could collect a lot of bras to donate!  This is a great way to pay-it-forward and donate bras to women in need, and it will make a huge difference in another woman’s life.   A bra may seem like a very simple thing, and something that we would take for granted in New Zealand.

I would love for you to check your drawer, and if you have something that needs a new home please send into me at Breastmates. I have space in my warehouse where we can store and sort the bras, and will work with Mainfreight and Project Uplift who get the bras to community groups in the Islands.   They have all the connections and channels to get the bras to the women in need.

We are collecting all styles and sizes of bras, including maternity bras, swimwear, and underwear (but that must be in good condition – nothing in an embarrassing state).   There is a need for larger size bras to go to the Islands, but we are also collecting small size bras and these will be sorted and distributed to New Zealand school girls that are in need. Everything must obviously be clean.

Send to

Breastmates – Uplift,

P O Box 830,

Cambridge 3434  

or you can drop of to my warehouse in Cambridge

I think together we can make a big difference,

And I will update you as we go!


These notes from Project Uplift Organisers

In many regions of the world, a new bra, if available at all, can cost 10-30 hours wages and not having a bra can limit job opportunities.
• Bras provide comfort, dignity and support.
• In humid climates rashes, fungal infections and abscesses can occur between the breast and the chest wall. Bras help by allowing air flow.
• Bras control breast swing when women bend to ground level to garden or cook.
• Women and girls appreciate having a bra for work, school and social situations.
• Bras allow nursing mothers the dignity of a dry shirt.
• Project Uplift has sent thousands of bras to countries across Asia and the Pacific. Many also get distributed to women and girls in need within New Zealand, through schools, health boards and community groups.

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