Post Partum Prep Bundle

If you’re planning for baby’s arrival, and starting to pack your hospital bag or baby bag ready for the big day…exciting times!!  Hope your pregnancy has gone well, and you are resting up before the big day.  To save you a tiny bit of hassle, we’ve collated a bundle of our popular post-partum items, and can send them out to you with a big dose of our bestest wishes.    You can also add your own extra items to shopping cart, such as breast pads, and hydrogel discs which are recommended on our website too and we’ll get everything on the courier for you. Don’t forget to pack an extra long phone-charger, and some treats for yourself.

This bundle of goodies are our top recommendations to pack in your bag for labour.   (We get asked a lot if these items will be ok if a woman has a c/section – and the answer is YES they will all still be useful of course!

Here’s an unboxing video so you can see what all the items are like.

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includes these individual items:

1 Peri Spray Bottle

1 Perineal Relief Spray with witch hazel

1 set Perineal Soothing Gel Fanny Pads (contains 2 gel pads)

1 box PostPartum Underwear  containing 4 pairs (just choose your size S, M, L)

+ along with a big dose of our best wishes to you and family xxxxx