To get a Single or Double Breast Pump

I’m pregnant with my first baby, due in December. I’m looking at breast pumps and I’m not sure whether to get a single or double pump. I anticipate exclusively breastfeeding (all going well) but it would be nice to express so my partner can feed baby with a bottle too. Could you offer any advice?


I know it can be confusing looking at breastpumps and planning what you might need, specially if you are still pregnant.

Yes it’s a good idea to get your partner to do a feed, and get baby use to drinking from a bottle for those times when you might be away for a feed, and combine with usual breastfeeding.   It can be so helpful if your partner does the late night feed (such as 11pm) so that you can go to bed early and get some extra sleep.

For this situation, to have a milk stash, and sharing the feeding; I would definitely recommend an electric pump for sure.  For single pump such as Unimom Allegro or Medela Swing

The main difference in choosing a single or double pump, is the amount of time you have.   Obviously a double pump will speed up the time it takes, though many people don’t realise that pumping both breasts at the same time results in more milk than if you just pumped one at a time.    The Unimom Allegro is a good option as a single pump – this is the only one in my range which has the option to convert to a double pump if you needed to.   So it is a good choice.     Sometimes mums might want to upgrade to a double pump at a later date, if they are needing more milk for returning to work, or when they have another baby.

If you wanted to get a double pump, I would suggest the Unimom Forte or Unimom Minuet, or the Swing Maxi Flex Double…… .    The option really depends on where you will be using it (eg sitting next to a power plug) or if you wanted to be more mobile while pumping.  From these options, the Forte is the largest (about the size of a loaf of bread) and you need to have it plugged into power point next to you.    The Minuet and Swing Maxi Flex are both about the same size as a cream-cheese pottle; and they can both operate with batteries.   This just gives a little more freedom, when combined with a pumping bra, you can pump mobile which is handy when you’re a busy mama.  This is also an important factor if you have a toddler too!

I hope that helps – let me know if you have any more questions as I am here to help.

And thank you for supporting my small business, I’m here to support you.