Breast Pump for Shared Feeding then Returning to Work

I am after some advice on breast pump please, as I must admit I am a bit lost! I am currently pregnant with my 1st baby, due in about 2 weeks.   I would love for my partner to be able to feed her, as he is pretty excited to have his little girl.    I would like to breastfeed and express milk, as I will go back to work when baby is 3 months. She will go to daycare and they can give her my breast milk, which is great.

That’s a good plan to get your partner to do some shared feeding.   And also means that you can go to bed early and get a little extra sleep if he does the 11pm feed for example.

Based on the info that you have told me, about going back to work and expressing; then I would definitely recommend a double pump.    It makes the whole process a lot quicker; and also results in more milk being pump compared to if you just did each breast separately.   Specially when you need to be expressing for the work time you are away from baby.

If you go electric pump, which is obviously faster, is it better to get hospital grade ones?

I do have a range of double pumps; you can see them here; the most popular one is the Unimom Forte.    Though with this one, bear in mind that it is quite big and you have to sit with it on the table next to you, and near a power plug.   So that can be something to factor when you are planning about where you will be pumping at work.    Comparatively, the Unimom Minuet is very small (about the size of a cream cheese pottle) and runs with a rechargeable battery.   So you’re not as tied down.   (This could be important in the future if you have another baby, and you’re busy trying to run after your little girl who is now a toddler!)

The medela swing, swing maxi, and freestyle are also really good pumps and high grade, compact styles.    They are more expensive (as they are made in Switzerland).   The Unimom brand is just as good and very popular.

So many brands out there to think about and shield sizes…. (how do you know what size you are?) ?

In terms of shield sizes:  most people are the common size which already comes with the pump.  .    Its kind of something that you only know when you start using it – and then if your nipple rubs on the sides, or too much aerola is drawn in, then you know that you need a different size.   Though it is quite rare that women need a different size.  We sell them individually.  I don’t think that’s something that you need to buy right now, you’ll need to assess the fit when you are using it.

So I suppose you express and then freeze milk in storage bags?    We have a starter kit from avent for bottles, so unsure if it would be compatible to any pump?

In terms of storage: yes most mums will pump into a bottle and either store that in the fridge.  (or you can pour into the Avent set that you have).   For longer storage, pour the milk into a freezer bag and store like that.   Then they are easy to defrost and warm the milk by running under the hot tap.

Can you fit the Avent bottles on a Medela pump? Otherwise, might just transfer which is fine.

No the Avent bottles do not fit Medela pumps, as they have a different neck size.   You can always just pour the milk into the bottles after pumping.

You are selling replacement parts if down the track I need them? And same for larger shields, if needed obviously?

Yes I always have breast pump spare parts in stock, often people lose them, or its common for puppies to chew them!    Yes I have the larger size shields in stock.   (There’s   a big section on my website here with all the breast pump spare parts, which is a bit overwhelming to look at.  Just showing you that I have everything!

I think a Medela pump is where I am going to look further into. I did not think about the compact design, which is to consider and even though they are most expensive, I will use it lots.

I have seen on your website the swing maxi and freestyle but not the maxi one?

The medela pumps are:

That is confusing writing all that down too!   The difference is that this year Medela launched a new breastshield technology called the flex, which is amazing!  So they are phasing out the other pumps that don’t have the Flex.

Right, I hope I have answered all your questions.  I know it is confusing, specially when you are still pregnant.  So just sing out if there is anything I can help you with.    Thank you for supporting my small business.