Breast Pump Hire

Breast Pump Hire from Breastmates is suitable for mothers that need to express the majority of milk for their baby’s feeds.

You may need to hire a breast pump if:

  • you have a premature baby
  • your baby is in the neonatal unit
  • Nasal Gastric tube feeding
  • you are away from your baby
  • your baby is not able to latch from you
  • you have been advised to do so

Medela have breast pumps available for hire, which we can organise through Breastmates.

These are the Symphony and Lactina breast pumps.

These pumps are designed to be used by multiple women, and are safe to do so.

The Symphony and Lactina breast pumps are the ones that are used in hospitals, they are high grade and very efficient.

Please contact Breastmates if you would like to order one of these.

If you wanted to buy a breast pump rather than hiring a pump, then the closest model to the Symphony and Lactina available in the retail market is the Freestyle.