Hire or Buy?

Rental Breast Pumps such as the Medela Lactina and Medela Symphony set are available to rent through  our store, we can organise them for you if you need one.  These are on a monthly term, and we just courier it to your door.  Just contact us to organise this.

Many mothers who are hiring a breast pump may need to increase their milk supply, to feed twins,  or for breastfeeding problems.  Lactation consultants often recommend they hire  a pump.

A Lactina or Symphony breast pump would be recommended for women that need to express all their baby’s feeds.  A hire pump is recommended for mothers that need to express 6 + times per day.

If you are considering whether to hire or buy a breast pump – you need to think about how often you’ll plan on using it long term.  Once you get to 4 months hirage, it would actually work out cheaper to actually purchase the Pump in Style rather than hire a pump.  (And this one has the same efficiencies as the Symphony and Lactina).  Plus then you get to keep using the pump for longer without additional expense, and can use for future children too.

Also bare in mind that if you are only planning express milk up to 3 times per day, it will be more economical to purchase a breast pump (lower model) rather than hiring.  We recommend the Medela Swing breast pump for mothers that are only expressing 3 times per day.

Yes it is possible to buy breast pump online, just click on our breast pump page at our store.  We can offer layby terms for New Zealand residents.

We will also sort out the right breast pump for your needs and we are here to help you.