Medela Swing vs Avent Electric

We know it can get confusing looking at all the different models of breast pumps, and a lot of people often ask me to compare.

The Medela Swing and the Avent Electric are very similar breast pumps.

Both of these are suited for mothers that need to express frequently, like 2 or more times per day for an ongoing timeframe.

So here are just our thoughts on the two.

Both the Swing and the Avent Electric are easy to use with one hand. And they are both reasonably quiet, like you could use it while talking on the phone and no one would really know what you are doing. Some of the other breast pumps we have would be far too noisy to use on the phone.

Both models are BPA free.

The Swing breast pump is fast at expressing milk, because it has the 2-phase method which stimulates milk let down. Then when your milk has let down, you push another button and the pump goes into a slower longer rhythm. Both of these modes mimic how baby sucks.

The Avent Electric can be used as a manual breast pump (which the Swing cant) which is handy if there is ever a power cut. Also with this one you start using the pump as a manual and then when you are comfortable you push the button and the pump continues at whichever speed you were doing.

They are both very good pumps, and are similarly priced.

Medela products fit bottles with narrow necks (so you can even buy non-branded bottles and they will fit the pump).  Whereas Avent products only fit the wide neck Avent brand bottles, there is no ability to interchange.

All with 1 year warranty also and have spare parts available too.

We have some other tips to help you decide which breast pump to buy.  Or if you are still not sure, please contact us and we can sort it out for your needs.