Unimom Breast Pump for Exclusively Pumping


Unimom and Medela Pumps
Unimom Forte Double Pump – and Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump

We recently received this email from Amanda, which raises a common question…..

“I’m a bit lost with breast pumps, I see Unimom Breast Pump is hospital grade.   And medela does not say that , but  unimom seems a lot cheaper!   My second baby has big latch issues so I’m going to be exclusively pumping . Could you please help me!”

Yes it really can get confusing to know which breast pump to purchase.    We recommend all of the pumps that we sell online at Breastmates, but the actual choice really depends on how often you plan to use it.

For a mother that needs to be exclusively pumping,  I would highly recommend the Unimom Forte Breast Pump. This pump has enough motor capacity to be used for every pumping feed full time (whereas some of the other single pumps, such as the Unimom Allegro, are only designed for lighter use).   The Unimom Forte is a closed system so no milk can get into the motor.

So for those two reasons (full time use and closed system) that is why we call the Unimom Forte a hospital grade breast pump. It is also being used in many hospitals around NZ and being recommended by midwives.

The Unimom Breast Pumps, are great value for money and have the advantage being able to convert to manual pumping (in case of emergency or power cut).   Unimom Breast Pump has come into the market at a lower price point than Medela, as it is made in Korea, whereas Medela is made in Switzerland.

Both Unimom and Medela are really good brands, that’s why I sell them both on my website, but the pricing really does affect a lot of people’s choice.

We do also carry the full range of breast pump spare parts  for Unimom and Medela, which is handy just incase you need to replace lost items.

If you were interested in Medela, then I would recommend the Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump for your full time pumping.

Good luck!