Comparison of Unimom Breast Pumps – Forte and Minuet

Just a quick note to help clarify the difference between  between the Unimom Breast Pumps – the Forte and Minuet because some customers get confused, especially when the Minuet costs more.

Comparison of Unimom Breast Pumps – Forte and Minuet

The Unimom Minuet Breast Pump is more expensive than the Forte Breast Pump, because it is the Unimom brand’s latest upgrade.  It is more “on trend” than the Forte Breast Pump and has an LCD screen and USB charge port and is ultra portable. Suction wise, it is just as efficient as the Forte. It has a 2 phase massage and express mode. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and the Forte does not. Extra convenient!

The Unimom Minuet breast pump is not hospital grade and is designed only for part time pumping / medium use (not exclusive expressing).  Typical use 4-5 times per day.   ** It will however endure short term exclusive expressing if a mother needs to exclusively express while she is on medication short term or baby is temporarily not latching, however it does not have the capacity to be used this frequently for long term.**

Whereas the Unimom Forte Breast Pump is hospital grade which means it is more robust to use between mums in a hospital setting. For in home use it is the best pump for mums who need to exclusively express, for all feeds.  It will endure full time, long term use such as 6-8 times per day  long term. While it is still very portable for a hospital grade pump,it is not as portable and lightweight, and is a plug in the wall pump only. It does not have a rechargeable battery. It is very simple to use with just one turn dial. Some mothers prefer this.

So overall the main difference between the Unimom Minuet and Forte Breast Pumps, not the efficiency of suction and function but the cosmetics, on trend operating, and portability.