Unimom Forte or Minuet Breast Pump?

I am returning to work part time (2 days a week) and am looking to buy a pump in the next couple of weeks. Ideally it would be great to buy a pump that would also work for when we have another baby in the future (approx 2 years). I have been looking at the hospital grade Unimom Forte.  What are your thoughts on this? Are there any pumps in particular you would recommend for my situation?


As I was reading this message I was leaning towards the Unimom Forte breast pump, the hospital grade pump.  This is really efficient and high grade, quick to pump which is important when you’re working and on limited pump time schedules.

The other option would be the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump, a little bit more expensive, and similar performance.

When buying a breast pump, it is important that you consider where you are going to be when you’re using it.   Do you have access to a power plug in your office, or do you need to be mobile.

The advantage of the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump is that its tiny (about the size of a cream cheese pottle) so its really easy to carry around and also portable.  It has an internal rechargeable battery so you can pump cordless which is easy to do when wearing a pumping bra.  Which might be something to consider by the time you have a second baby and a toddler running around, so you can be mobile and pumping….    But I know that might be hard to even think about now!

Whereas the Forte breast pump is quite heavy, and you need to have it on a table next to you and plugged into the power socket.  I’ve popped some photos below to give you a comparison on their sizings.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend a double pump for this situation – and they are BOTH very good pumps!

Hope that helps and I haven’t confused you, ,just sing out if you have any other questions

Unimom Minuet Breast Pump
Unimom Forte Breast Pump motor size
Side by side comparison of the motors, Minuet and Forte pumps