Useful Breast Pump

A customer had previously purchased some products from our online store, but has contacted us again with some questions.

She actually wrote “hello again!! I was very pleased from the products  but most of all from your perfect communication and cooperation. I am now 28 weeks pregnant . I want to breastfeed my baby.  I hope I’ll manage, as a lot of my friends found it very difficult and painful and stopped trying.

Yes it can certainly be difficult and painful in the first 1 to 2 weeks. Try and stay in the hospital/ birth home as long as possible, and always try to ask the same nurse to help you feed baby and latch baby. Different nurses have different ways of helping so try and get the same nurse. And try not to leave hospital until you are feeding baby confidently by yourself.

“Do you think that the breast pump will be useful in any case?I won’t be working for six months but maybe it would help pumping milk so that I can go for a walk someday for example, or feeding the baby at night, or even help me increase milk production if there is a problem at first.  I’ve heard (from nurses, breastfeeding advisors etc) that the swing model is the best.”

Yes the Medela Swing model is a great breast pump.  It is very small but yet has a very powerful motor. It is also very quiet to use (refer to our Breast Pump Noises Video)

The Swing is a good model because it is suitable if you want to use it occasionally, like to share the feeding with your partner, to have some time out, or to increase your supply etc. But this one also has enough motor capacity to handle if you do need to use it for every feed, like when/if you return to work.

The other models such as the Pump in Style, and Free Style are really for mothers that are expressing for ALL their feeding, not doing any feeding at their boob.

Don’t worry too much, let nature do its course