How Breastfeeding Tops Work

Did you know that here at Breastmates, we have the largest available selection of breastfeeding tops online?

The Breastfeeding Tops are specially designed for easy feeding access – without having to lift up layers of clothing showing your post-baby belly, and feeling exposed.  Wear them so that you feel comfortable and confident to feed your baby.

We thought we’d give you a run-down on how the styles are designed for access.  The openings are very well hidden!!  All of the products on our website will describe their open function on the webpage, and most have a little demo video that we’ve made on our Youtube Channel

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crossover With this pull aside opening on nursing wear, there is a panel of fabric that sits next to your skin which you can lift up or which has holes in to access your breasts for feeding.  Then there will be a crossover front design, to cover the openings when not in use.
lift up hem This is a double layer breastfeeding tshirt.  The inside layer next to your skin will have slits or openings at breasts.  Then you pull up the front layer to access the openings.  All while keeping your tummy covered.  Baby just nursings at the openings in the middle, and you don’t have to have a fully open chest on your shirt.
short inner layer and down neck With this style of breastfeeding top, there is a shorter inner layer which just goes from shoulders to breasts, and then a longer outer layer.  You pull down the top layer slightly from the neckline and lift up the inner layer – resulting in breastfeeding access.
Vertical slit The vertical opening style of nursing top is so discrete!  The top layer of fabric will have a vertical slit in the centre.  There is an inner layer of fabric that sits next to your skin – which will have openings on left and right so that you can feed baby.  These styles of nursing tops are fattering on the belly.

Cowl Neck

This style of nursing top, commonly used in nursing dresses, is where there is a short inner layer next to your skin, covered by the top of the dress.  Pull down the outer neckline, and lift up the shorter inner layer to access for feeding.
Inner shelf bra Maternity Camisoles and Breastfeeding Camisoles (or tanks) are often designed as strappy singlet tops with a mild inner shelf bra for light support.  The shelf bra will support around the sides of the breast.  These are often made with bra straps, and have a maternity clip so that you can drop the front down to feed baby and still be supported with the inner shelf bra.

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