Teething Powder Reviews

weleda_teethngpowder_150x200Baby Teething

Yesterday we had a comment thread on our Facebook page about the Weleda Teething powder (as we were looking for 1 person to review it).  Here is what some other ladies have said:….

This stuff is a miracle worker!!!

Awesome stuff … swear by it ♥

this teething powder is really really gud for settling our unsettled little ones 🙂

We use this too! I tell everyone with babies “get weleda teething powder!”

Teething powder is fantastic! Swear by it and my pharmacist makes ‘teething goo’

we us this too, but I find it difficult to get into baby’s mouth when he is already upset. any tricks?  {Yes dab it on with your finger.  Its easier if your finger is wet)

Weleda teething powder is magic!

I used this for my son. He had a full set of teeth by the time he was 1yr old. I use to wet my finger and rub it onto his gums. He only had trouble with last 2 teeth I think because they were his k9 and had to go between other teeth. Great stuff.