Hydrogel Breast Discs

Hydrogel Breast Discs are the #1 product that we recommend every pregnant mum-to-be should purchase, to put in their hospital bag.

Here is some feedback shared by some of our customers who had used the Hydrogel Discs.  Many of these ladies would have given up breastfeeding if they hadn’t of used these.

You can buy yours online here  Hydrogel Breast Discs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Customer Feedback ~~~~~~~~~

I highly recommend these breast pads for those sore, dry, bleeding, cracked nipples. I came across them on the website and having had two children already knew what I was in for when it came to breastfeeding. These pads are fantastic placed in the freezer whilst I showered then put them on to work their magic! They healed my nipples much faster than any other cream I had used previously. Love this product!!!!

This product was amazing and heaven sent when I was trying to feed my baby. I’m a first time mom and I had no idea on how hard breastfeeding can be. My nipples were so sore I cried through the entire feeding – and only god knows if she was feeding too as I was so tense. Heard of the hydrogel, called Frances and begged for help. Frances was amazing on helping and when the hydrogel discs arrived I could notice the difference immediately. Feeding became easier by the minute and now I can feed her on both breasts with no pain at all. I love the fact that I can feed my daughter without the fearful look in my eyes. Can’t recommend enough!

These were definitely the best thing I’ve found for keeping sore / cracked nipples more comfortable!

Wow what a relief these pads were to sore, cracked nipples! These pads weren’t around when I had my other 2 kids and wish they were! Highly recommend these, especially when starting out in those early weeks with lots of feeds. They were a sanity savour for me.

This product is FANTASTIC they make feeding so much more comfortable and easier for Mum (and therefore baby) cannot recommend this product enough!

These pads were absoloutely amazing when my son was born. I had infected nips and thrush that went undiagnosed for six weeks, and if it wasn’t for these life savers I don’t think I could have continued breast feeding. 8.5 months on and I’m still going so if you have sore nips in those early days I recommend these over any cream you can buy on the market!

Fantastic product. I was so sore I couldnt even stand having a top on let alone wear a bra. The relief this product gave was amazing. My top product to recommend to new mums breastfeeding.

These pads saved my breastfeeding. Had a fissure (big slit wound) on side of one nipple due to bad latching first few days. It was excruciting to latch for 4 weeks used these pads and within two days the wound looked healthier. One week later it was no longer painful to latch. Definately saved me and my baby. Am recommending to every one I know.

When I had my last baby I had huge wide cracks on the outside of each of my nipples due to problems latching, my lactation consultant put me on to these and they were just awesome. Would recomend to all new breastfeeding mothers, in fact I got some for my sister and she thinks they’re great too:)

These are great, I have very small nipples and they get very red and sore. These breast pads are great, very nice and cooling!

Best thing out!!

After a really hard time with nipple damage/Raynauds etc and breastfeeding being pretty hard work for a start with my firstborn, got a pack of these in hopes of fending that off and having a better time with #2. Started using them pretty much straight away, and they’ve made all the difference in the world – no ripping nipple tissue off attached to breast pads, etc – SO much better, will be recommending them to all and sundry. Fantastic product, thanks Breastmates for stocking it!!

just like to say how awesome the hydrojel nipple soothing breastpads are. completely healed after just 1 day of using them. My areola and nipples were cracked and bleeding and now you cant even tell what happened to them.

After months of feeding problems with our second baby I cannot recommend these enough, I have just finished using them, fingers crossed and they have seen us though some really rough times with thrush and mastitis effecting my nipples. These breastpads saved the day by keeping my nipples as healthy as possible and giving them a chance to recover and now finally resemble their former selves Thank you Frances for the continuing supply and I have told everyone I know that they would help – hope this helps you

Love, love love these! Such a relief and you only need one per nipple per 24 hours so you don’t go through them too fast. Every time I put one on I have a big sigh of relief, cant recommend them more!!!

Life savers

These are amazing, they are the only reason i could continue to breast feed my daughter, i had so much pain, and when my daughter was 8 weeks old i started to use them, and i was able to breast feed without having to use the pump, highly recommend!!!

I love these hydrogel disks. They provided so much relief after suffering from 4 bouts of mastitis. Lovely and cooling and very soothing. Definitely try these if you have any nipple problems. I had the best service from Breastmates, and they answered all my questions. Would highly recommend.

Brilliant product!

Without these I think I would’ve given up breastfeeding. I had badly cracked nipples and other breast-pads took nipple tissue off with them every time they were removed. The hydrogel discs got me through the bad times. Thanks Breastmates for sending them to me immediately – great service for desperate Mums.

Without the Hydrogel breast discs, I would not have been able to keep breastfeeding. Really helped with healing and soothing while I was just learning to breastfeed with my first baby. SO good. Would suggest buying a pack with a friend who is also pregnant then halve them, you may get the hang of feeding quickly and not need the whole pack

I didn’t have these with my first child and I had weeks and weeks of tears and anguish. I was very nervous with my second child that I would have as bad a time as I did with the first and ensured I have every product possible available to help relieve the pain of early feeding. As expected I had trouble again but THIS TIME I tried the hydrogel pads and they truly were amazing. They kept the nipples soft and hydrated, whereas the cotton pads took away a lot of moisture. Even though it still took me some weeks before I was entirely pain free, these made feeding so much more enjoyable and bearable. I also gave these to a friend who just about gave up breastfeeding and these kept her going. You’ve just got to try them.