Which Baby Cot to Buy?

  • All cots sold in NZ (even those sold on trademe) have to adhere to quite stringent safety standards
  • Some cots you can raise the base level, you have it high when baby is very young (so easy for you to reach in).  Then when child is older, and can stand up, you drop the level down so that they can’t climb out.
  • Buy an innersprung mattress and a mattress protector to go with your cot.
  • Also when your child is older, you can remove the rail and just use it like a training bed.
  • Lots of people don’t use a bassinette, they just go straight to a cot.  Just swaddle bubs up.
  • Most cots have a child-proof system so that only adults can drop the side rail down.  Some have two side locks and then the bottom rail needs to be nudged with your leg.
  • One lesson learnt – assemble the cot IN THE NURSERY.  Most of them are too wide to go through doorways.
  • Don’t ever ever put your child to sleep or nap wearing a hoodie.  I had a friend that child got strangle somehow due to the hood.
  • Also it is recommended that babies are not put to bed wearing a hat as they can overheat.