Breastfeeding and expressing breast milk are two totally different actions, and many mums struggle with expressing breast milk. We’ve got comprehensive advice on how to choose a breast pump, everything you need to know about expressing breast milk, what equipment you need to successfully pump milk, how to overcome common problems with expressing, and how to safely store your expressed breast milk.

Breast Pump Starter Kit

Breastmates Breast Pump Starter Kit, all the tools you need to pump and store breastmilk

Breastmates Wearable Breast Pumps – Pumping on the Go

Breastmates Wearable Breast Pump a game-changer that allows us to pump more freely and flexibly

Safe Breast Milk Handling

Safe Handling Techniques of Breast Milk Breast milk is often referred to as “liquid gold”

Wearable Breast Pump Parts

Do you have a wearable breast pump and now wondering how to find spare parts

Wearable Breast Pump Recommendation

Wearable Breast Pump recommendation

What are Elastic Nipples?

Do I have Elastic Nipples?

Increasing Pump Output

Does it feel like your milk supply drops off in the evening?

Breast Pumping Kit – Recommendations

It's a lot of work and commitment to pump for your baby, we applaud you!  

Choosing the right Breastshield Size

Many women are not aware that breast pumps shields come in different sizes, and that

Mums Share Pumping Tips for Time & Efficiency

Mums Share Pumping Tips for Time & Efficiency