Flush Out Breast Pump

If you have a Medela Swing Breast Pump – here are the Instructions on how to Flush Out the Motor

If your mini electric breast pump is not working….

first of all check the white membrane.

Then check the tubing.

You can try and clean the internal tubing by flushing the motor unit, using the following steps

1. Before attempting to syringe the motor unit, check that the problem is not a valve membrane, or a crack in the funnel or valve head, or a fault with the power adapter (check with batteries as well).  (These are available as medela spare parts at our store)

2. Remove motor unit from bottle and breastshield. Plug into wall with power adapter.

3. Draw up about 20ml lukewarm water with a syringe or use a teaspoon.

4. Place syringe tip into small hole on the front of the motor unit which plugs into the back of the breastshield.

5. Hold the syringe and motor together so that the hole on the side of the unit where the adapter plugs in is facing downwards into a sink!

6. Put a couple of drops of water into the small hole.

7. Leave the motor running for at least 30 seconds to dry out the motor.

8. Repeat this action a few times.

9. Let the motor run for 5 minutes. With the pump re-assembled, re-check the suction.

10. If suction problems persist, you may have to go back to option 1 or 2.