Unimom Breast Pump – Checklist

Unimom Breast Pump – Checklist

The following information is a checklist to run through, in the rare case that you have problems with your Unimom Breast Pump. These are very reliable pumps – please ensure you have read your user manual and have assembled it correctly.  If in doubt – please contact us and we can help you.  We also have spare parts for all models of Unimom Breast Pumps available to purchase if you need them

Problem:  Little or No Suction

Air Cap – check if the air cap is opened.  If the air cap is opened, close it on the connector.

Fuse – check if the fuse on the bottom of the main body has become disconnected.  If so, then you’ll need to replace with a new fuse. (refer to your manual)

Protector Assembly – check if the large membrane is sitting flat, or if it has curled.  Disassemble and reassemble it properly.   If the membrane has wear and tear, is stretched or ripped,  then you will need to replace it.

Switch – Check if the switch is turned on.  If the pump does not function when the switch is turned on, please contact us.

Air Tube – Check if the air tube is connected to the main pump body.

Power Cord – Check if the power cord is plugged in.

Defective Assembly – check the assembly of your kit.

White Valve – check if it is torn, or shows any signs of wear and tear, or stretching.  If so replace it.

Problem: Painful when Pumping?   Your pump suction is too high.  Set the vacuum to the lowest (min) setting, and then slightly adjust it upwards slowly as comfortable.  Never over adjust the suction, nor adjust it too quickly.

Lost or broken parts?  We have spare parts for Unimom Breast Pumps available to purchase here at Breastmates.