Unimom Breast Pump Parts

What parts to inspect for wear’n’tear on your Unimom Breast Pump.  We do have spare parts available for all unimom parts.  Unimom Breast Pump Parts

Troubleshooting checklist

Check all consumable parts for damage by separating each part (Shield kit).
Put them back together and test.

White silicon membrane: inside the milk back flow protectors at the top of each
shield should be moving up and down in sync with each other during pumping. If
the suction is turned up, the membranes will increase in height. The membrane
should be sealed correctly with the lid clicked on tight and the unit pushed into the
shield firmly. This should not be a distinct hissing sound. This would mean an air
leak.  If one is moving less than the other or not at all, replace the the milk back flow unit. #4 in instruction manual, how to assemble guide.  Unimom White Membrane

White valve:  Check this has not been ripped during cleaning. The slit should
not reach both sides. It is only small. Put on the bench face up and see if it is significantly
more open than it should be. It helps to compare next to a new one. Turn pump on and
put a seal on the shield as if you were pumping. If the valve strongly sucks in and out it is
ok. If it is very weak and not sucking in and out then this needs to be replaced. If the milk pools in the top of the shield and does not drip through the valve, you will need to purchase a new valve.  Unimom Pump Valve

Hose: Check both hose units on the pump are sealed during pumping.

Spares: We have Forte Breast Pump Parts available here – Unimom Forte Breast Pump Parts


Check the White Silicon Membrane,  the White Valve, and Air Hose as described above.

Spring: The Allegro has a spring inside the milk back flow protector.  The spring should not be damaged and should be placed the right way with the widest part at the bottom. The spring should go up and down when pumping. If the spring is going up but not coming back down again, the pump body only needs to be replaced.

Spares: We have Allegro Breast Pump Parts available here – – refer Allegro Breast Pump Parts

If unsure about anything, please contact us to discuss.  With proof of purchase, depending on the situation, we may be able to get your pump inspected/repaired by Unimom at their Auckland headquarters.