Sterilising your Unimom Breast Pump and Equipment

Sterilising your Unimom Breast Pump and Equipment

All Unimom Breast Pumps have a one year warranty on the  motor and power adapter only.  However the consumable parts of your breast pump are not under warranty as they are prone to wear and tear and customer damage.  This means all the little plastic bits that are assembled into the breastshield.   At Breastmates we have  Unimom spare parts available at affordable prices in case you need them.      Sometimes customers melt their parts in a microwave steriliser, or a customer might breast the parts.  These are not covered under warranty.

Please note there are risks to using microwave sterilisers and there are risks to using chemical solutions. Because Unimom plastic is BPA and toxic free, there is a chance that milton tablets may break the plastic down a bit quicker so with rough handling, parts such as the little air tube connector at the top of the back flow connector could easily break.

Cleaning and Sterilising your Unimom equipment

Sterilise all breast shield parts – everything that touches milk. The milk back-flow protector unit does not come into contact with breast milk and can be washed every 2nd day. Air does go through it causing condensation, so needs to be washed and dried well if going to be left sitting for longer than 2 days. If you emerge the air tube in water, make sure you hang it up so that all drips have drained out and the hose is completely dry again.

If using an Allegro breast pump, do not sterilise the spring.

Bench Top Sterilisation Method

The safest and easiest way to sterilise your breast shield kit is to wash it in hot soapy water.  Place all parts onto a clean, drying rack and pour boiling water over the lot. Leave to air dry or shake dry.


Using Dishwasher to Sterilise Your Unimom Equipment

It is safe to wash parts in the dishwasher on the top shelf, as long as they are not near the element.    Place in dishwasher and leave them in for steam dry. Ensure there is not food residue stuck in shield parts.


Sterilising on Stove Top – Boiling Water

Place parts in a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil. Boil for 2 minutes. Remember to set your timer so that the pot doesn’t boil dry and burn!!!


(Not recommended) Microwave Sterilisation

Microwave sterilising does have risks.  Microwaves can spread heat unevenly, or not match the wattage the steriliser is designed for. If any damage happens, it is likely to happen when sterilising for more than 2 minutes.    If any damage occurs to your pieces, this is not covered under warranty.


(Not recommended) Chemical Sterilisation Tablets

Sterilising in a chemical solution may cause the plastic to deteriorate quicker, and is not recommended.