Breast Pump to Increase Milk Supply

Customer asks: “Can I please have some advice on buying a breast pump to boost my milk supply.  I have large nipples and found even the large Avent shield painful for a previous child so need one for XL nipples! I also have 2 active toddlers so really need a pump that I can move around with while pumping.  Please help.”

If you are looking for a breast pump to boost supply, you’d just need something that you can use after breastfeeding baby as that is a good way to encourage your body to make more milk (as your body will think baby is drinking that extra). If you use it for 5-10 minutes after every feed, but always offer breast to baby first.   I’d just suggest a simple pump, I don’t think you need the high grade pumps (such as Forte and Freestyle as they are designed more for mothers that are pumping milk for all baby’s feeds).

The silicone breast pump is good option to help boost supply. This is a nice simple pump, ideal to relieve engorgement, or as a simple way to boost supply just by pumping off a few mls after every feed.   I wouldn’t suggest the silicone one if you need to rely on pumped breast milk for all baby’s feeds.   Also it could be difficult to be mobile with your toddlers with the silicone pump as you need the suction seal to stay in place as that is how the milk is withdrawn. Or maybe you could hold it with one hand while you walk around.   This one would also be ok with larger size nipples, nipple size is not a factor.

A simple electric breast pump would be ideal. Very easy to use – just turn it on and go and it will do the work for you, so doesn’t feel like such a chore as a manual breast pump.   Such as the Unimom Allegro, or the Medela Swing.   With either of these pumps, they are compact enough that you could be mobile and pumping at the same time. (I suggest getting a hands-free pumping bra)

The Unimom pump comes with a 24mm size M shield, but you can purchase a 27mm L shield.

The Medela breast pumps actually have many more breastshield sizes available, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36mm – so this brand does give you more choices on that.

If you have found shields painful/small in the past, then it does sound like you’d need the Medela brand breast pump that gives you an option to change the size of the breastshield, if you want to go with an electric.

We have information here about breastshield sizes Breast Shield Sizes

Maybe an idea would be to try the Silicone breast pump, and then if you find its not enough, you could upgrade to the Medela Swing breast pump later.   As there is a bit difference in pricing between these two models.

Also maybe you’d like to try some of our Booster Biscuit mix, which is really good at increasing supply too.

I hope that helps answer your questions, let me know if there is anything else as we are always here to help

(PS good luck!!)